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Pastoral Care & Shepherding

Ministers Ministry

The mission of the Ministers Ministry is to support the Pastor in preaching, teaching and reaching through the Word of God as in 2Ch 29:11, “My sons, be not now negligent, for the Lord hath chosen you to stand before him, to serve him, and that ye should Minister unto him, and burn incense”.

Deacons Ministry

The mission of the Deacons Ministry is to support and provide guidance to the Pastor in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and to holistically support church members each spiritually, mentally and physically as they journey from “Membership to Discipleship”.

Deaconess Ministry

The mission of the Deaconess Ministry is to support the Pastor, Deacons and church community in all areas that advance the mission of the church and the Kingdom of God.

Helping Hands Ministry

The purpose of the Helping Hands Ministry is to care for and support the needs of our Pastor and First Family through ministry support, event planning and collaboration as needed within all areas of the church and community.

Communications Ministry

The Mission of the Communications Ministry is to spread the Word of God by collecting, coordinating and publishing church news, bulletins, events and activities via newsletters, newspapers, announcements and the church website.

Technology Ministry

The mission of the Technology Ministry is to honor and spread the Word of God by capturing worship services and related events in electronic means for distribution and publishing via audio, video, CD and DVD.

Music & Worship

Music Ministry

The mission of the Music Ministry is to provide an enhanced worship experience to members of the church community through the use of instrumentation and vocal expressions that support the flow of worship services.

Using performing arts to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the mission of the Dance/Drama Ministry is to enhance the Christian experience by creating and performing artistic expressions of dance and drama to honor and glorify the Lord.

Christian Education Ministry

The purpose of the Christian Education Ministry is to support and lead church community members of all ages in life-long education designed to teach the Word of God, a right relationship with God and how to move from “Membership to Discipleship”.

Church School Ministry

In support of Christian Education, the goal of the Church School is to provide a place, space and means by which church community members of all ages can study and embrace the Word of God.

  • Bible Studies
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Conferences
  • Seminars

Human Resources

Missionary Ministry

Having a heart for the lost, sick and shut-in, the mission of the Missionary Ministry is to educate and lead the church in its involvement with home and foreign missions and to also serve as disciples in the Word of God while caring for those in need.

Feeding of the Homeless Ministry

The mission of the Feeding of the Homeless Ministry is to demonstrate God’s love by providing spiritual, emotional and physical nourishment to homeless and underserved members of the church community.

Health & Wellness Ministry

The mission of the Health & Wellness Ministry is to demonstrate the love of Christ by providing education, resources and training that promotes health and wellness and by providing first-aid and related support when necessary.

T.E.A.M. Ministry

The mission of the Trinity Education Action Ministry (TEAM) is to foster a sense of high self-esteem in its fellow church members and especially its youth by nurturing and supporting the aspirations of those who desire to better themselves through education.

Social Service Ministry

The mission of the Social Services Ministry is to empower God’s people by providing information and services that promote economic security, personal stability and political and social equity.

Prison Ministry

The mission of the Prison Ministry is to bring the life changing Word of God to those who are imprisoned, while contributing long term benefits to them, their families, society and the Kingdom of God.

TBC Community Development Corporation

Senior Services Ministry

The mission of the Senior Services Ministry is to embrace and value our seasoned children of God, endeavoring to support and acknowledge their Godly counsel and prayer intercession on behalf of the Pastor, church leadership and members of the church.

Summer Youth Development Program

Business Administration & Finance

Trustee Ministry

The mission of the Trustee Ministry is to provide good stewardship over the material possessions of the church while exhibiting unquestionable honesty, Christian character and devotion to the healthy advancement of the church.

Church Clerks
Administrative Assistants/Church Staff

Hospitality & Fellowship

Beautification Ministry

As in Ezra 7:27, the mission of the Beautification Ministry is “…to beautify the house of the LORD…” and to create a church environment that is pleasing in God’s sight.

Brotherhood Ministry

Through the Word of God, the mission of the Brotherhood Ministry is to support the needs of men with “No Man Left Behind” and to walk with them as they grow in their active commitment and service to God, themselves and their families.

Women’s Ministry

The mission of the Women’s Ministry is to provide encouragement and support for the spiritual journey of women in the church community through Bible Study, Workshops, Fellowship and Humanitarian efforts that support the Word of God.

Youth Ministry

In Advancing a Righteous Kingdom, the Youth Ministry is committed to “Purpose Driven” activities that nurture and support spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth in our youth through Ministry, Discipleship, Fellowship, Worship and Evangelism.

Host & Hostess Ministry

The purpose and goal of the Host & Hostess Ministry is to greet, welcome and provide guidance and direction to church members, and visitors.

Ushers Ministry

The mission of the Ushers Ministry is to maintain friendly, organized and safe worship services void of distractions for seekers and believers so they can hear God’s voice through the events of the service.

Transportation Ministry

The mission of the Transportation Ministry is to provide a safe and reliable transportation service to and from worship services and related events, both on and off site.

Security Ministry

The purpose of the Security Ministry is to ensure a pleasant worship and church experience by securing the church building and external grounds and providing guidance to the Pastor and Deacons on the continued safety of the church community.

Nursery Ministry

The mission of the Nursery Ministry is to demonstrate the Love of God by caring for the needs of our infant and toddler church members during worship services.

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