Trinity Baptist Church History

Rev. Richard H. Puryear, Founding Pastor
Trinity was born on April 12, 1970 under the Founder and Pastor, Rev. Richard H. Puryear.  We held our first service in the sanctuary room at Mount Zion Lodge No. 50 located at 230 Passaic Street, Hackensack, New Jersey, just two doors down from the present location.  By following the steady and focused leadership of Dr. Puryear, coupled with the promise of God, the 75 member church made her way through many obstacles.

In June, 1973, the members of Trinity entered their new church home.  The ribbon was cut by Pastor Puryear and First Lady, Mamie Puryear. They were the first to enter the church as the rest of the congregation followed.

Rev. Jonathan B. Whitfield, Pastor
After twenty three years of dedicated service, the time had come for Rev. Puryear to pass on the baton.  Rev. Puryear retired on November 30, 1993, leaving his Trinity family in the loving and spiritual care of Rev. Jonathan B. Whitfield.  Pastor Whitfield became the second Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in December, 1993.

The church has grown substantially under the Pastorship of Rev. Whitfield.  As a result of the membership growth, two services were instituted starting on Sunday, July 6, 1997.  Giving all glory to God, we have also acquired the vacant lot next door to our church and the building located at 259 Passaic Street, Hackensack, NJ, aptly named the Tri-Ark building.

With Rev. Whitfield’s spiritual guidance and furtherance of our Christian educational training, Trinity Baptist Church will move “From Membership to Discipleship”.  There are no limits under his leadership.  The members feel a responsibility to raise the Church to new horizons and unquestionable achievements while working harmoniously under the dictates of our pastor,
Rev. Jonathan B. Whitfield.

Yes, the History of Trinity Baptist Church will continue onward and upward!

Church Officers:


Rev. George Maize IV - Pastor

Associate Ministers:

Rev. Clarence Merritt
Rev. Janel York
Rev. Thomas Williams
Rev. James B. Washington
Min. David Summerville

Ministers in Training:

Anika Davis
Krysta Piper

Deacon Ministry:

Kevin Gillespie, Chairman
Jerry Wyche, Vice Chairman
Mark Lewis
William McGugins
Walter Russ
Jerome Walker
Kim Johnson
Arnold Staton
Walter Barnes

Anthony Mahone
Christopher Bennett
Tyrone Williams

Trustee Ministry

Helen Wyche, Chairperson
Frances Richardson, Vice-Chairperson
William Rodgers, Vice-Chairperson (Building/Property)
Stephen Tolbert, Financial Secretary
Erika Williams-Glover, Treasurer
Elizabeth Evans-Pittman
Celeste Powell Sellers
Juanita Brown
Tony Hilbert
Quatara Carter
Anthony Hilbert (Building/Property)
Claude Nunery (Building/Property)

Deaconess Ministry:

Stephanie Lewis, President
Kimberly Harris, Vice President
Lucille Barnes
Maggie Davis
Hazel Elerbe
Rosa Walker
Lena Nunery
Juliet Washington
Melissa Harrison
Mattie Johnson
Helen Ray
Arlene McGugins
Euphema Staton

Danielle Bennett
Lakisha Williams

Church Staff:
Angela Sampson, Church Clerk
Laurel Dockery, Assistant Clerk
Deaconess Juliet Washington, Admin. Assistant
Nathaniel Young, Sexton

What We Believe:  Articles of Faith
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Trinity Baptist Church

218 Passaic Street
Hackensack, NJ  07601
(201) 487-3656
Rev. George Maize IV, Pastor



  • National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.
  • General Baptist Convention of New Jersey, Inc.
  • North Jersey District Association